Tips to Plan School Events for Activity Directors.

Tips to Plan School Events for Activity Directors
Activity directions have the main responsibility for planning school events that are engaging, fun, and educational. School events are a difficult thing to plan because each school is different. In addition, all families are different and what works for one family may not work for another. Activity directors must plan events during school hours and after school hours to increase engagement with all stakeholders within the school. If you are an activity director or are involved with planning school events here are some tips that can help you make any event a huge success.

#1) Recruit Volunteers

One of the main things you can do to make events successful and to increase turnout is to recruit volunteers to help. Volunteers will reduce some of the responsibilities that you have as long as you are able to delegate properly.

If you use volunteers it is crucial that you have to-do lists ready to go for each volunteer. No volunteer wants to show up and wait for something to do. If parents or community members give up their time to help you make a school function a success you should not waste their time. Have a list of things that need to be done with a short description of how you would like it done. This allows you to maximize your time and get others involved in the school.

#2) Safety

Another thing that you must consider for all school events is the safety of all students and participants. You must collaborate with teachers, administration, and local authorities to help make your event successful. The amount of security that you will need depends greatly on the city you are in, the school you are hosting the event, and the ages of the children.

Safety should be your number one concern at all school events because this is the one thing that completely ruins your reputation, the school, and hurts students. You can ask volunteers to stay posted at exit doors or exit locations to help prevent outsiders from coming in. If people know the event is being chaperoned and looked after closely there will be less chance of danger.

#3) Collaborate With Other Activities Directors

There is no reason to work harder than you have too. No one person can come up with every great idea in the world. To help increase your success as an activities director and the success of your school you should collaborate with other activities directors. You can both share ideas for upcoming events and help each other plan current events. Having someone to bounce ideas off of can help both of you be more successful.

#4) Know All Legal Obligations

If you are an activities director there are some legal responsibilities and legal obligations that you must know and fully understand before taking the job. For instance, if you are a high school activities director and you are responsible for planning boys and girls sports events you need to know the restrictions about locker room safety, sharing buses, and even after school picks up laws.

If you are an elementary school activities director you also have some similar law obligations that you must follow. If a student does not get picked up when an event is over you must know the exact procedure for how to deal with that situation. Giving the wrong information to a student, parent, or teacher and have serious consequences. If you are unsure about your local laws be sure to ask your administrator for clear directions.

#5) Think Outside The Box

There is no reason that you have to do things the same exact way that they have been done in the past. If you can think outside the box children, parents, teachers, and community stakeholders will all have much more fun. If there is a new and popular theme for the year you should try to incorporate that into a school function. You can also ask your volunteers to help come up with some great ideas to help. Call NM Party Rentals for help with your event.

#6) Fundraisers

Fundraisers are a great way to get people involved and to raise money. If you are able to raise the money you can host more events. The more events that you are able to host at the school the more successful you will be at your job. If you can get the community involved in one event that is successful they will be more likely to donate and come back again. Using fundraisers to help get food, drinks, and added fun at school functions will surely help to increase participation.

Hosting school events and activities is a difficult task but if you are dedicated and determined to make it successful you will do great. These six tips can help make any school activity a success for all people who are involved.