Summer Event? Beat the heat with Inflatable Water Slides

Why Inflatables Are Perfect For Your Summer Event

Inflatables Are Perfect For Your Summer Event!
Inflatables are a fantastic way to keep children occupied during summer events. This goes for a wide variety of events. Kids enjoy all of the entertainment options and adults love the opportunity to mingle and now worry about bored children.

What Kind Of Events Are Best For Inflatables?

  • Birthday Parties
  • Graduation Parties
  • Retirement Parties
  • Family Reunions
  • Corporate/Company Picnics
  • Church Field Days / VBS
  • End of Year or Beginning of Year PTO Events
  • Park District Family Events

These are all great events to provide inflatables for kids. When it comes to inflatables there are more than just bounce houses for party rentals. Water slide rentals and dunk tank rentals are also big crowd-pleasers for bigger events. These rentals can even be turned into money raising options for organizations such as PTO parties, Church Field Days or Park District events.
water slide rental
Wondering How Water Slide Rentals and Dunk Tank Rentals Can Bring In Funds?
Non-profits such as PTO groups often rely on fundraisers to help raise money for children or teachers in each school. Dunk Tanks are popular ways for them to raise money for extraordinary causes.

Often times the PTO will sell tickets for $.50-$1.00 and the ticket gives the students or parents an opportunity to dunk a teacher or principal. The same is true for church organizations looking to raise money for missionaries only it is often the priest or pastor in the dunk tank. Communities will host family days and incorporate these kinds of fundraisers to often raise funds for new community items or local food pantries.
dunk tank rental
Get Out And Have Some Fun
Aside from using party rentals to help raise money for causes inflatable water slides and bounce houses are ideal for fun summer parties. They are great for block parties, birthday parties and graduation parties to keep children entertained. Water slides are a huge hit when the temperatures sore. Even the adults enjoy taking turns on larger water slides.

There is no reason to have a boring backyard party. When you can call your local trusted inflatable and party rental company to reserve your summer fun.

When you order these party inflatables there are a few things to expect:

  • A deposit to secure your rental is customary
  • Some rental places charge additional delivery fees
  • When renting anything the renter is liable for damages caused
  • The rental is for a certain day and time frame only

Understanding these common practices with most rental places will help you secure your rental in a timely manner. As soon as you know of the date of the event you should reserve your inflatable.