Plants Have the Power to Save Our Brains

Most of human history has been focused on using our environment and creating tools that can allow us to survive. When it comes to our health and harnessing our environment for mental purposes, this has been no different. For many people who are using nootropics and cognitive enhancing substances, it is useful to consider how often plants have a role to play.

For most people, plants are one of the most important tools that we can use in order to improve our general abilities and definitely our cognitive markers. Finally, there are studies that show just how effective things can be for us if we use plants to achieve our goals.

Plant Based Nootropics (2 You Can’t Miss)

When it comes to nootropics based on plants, there are a lot of different options that we can choose from. There are plenty that are really effective for improving not just the standard stimulation that most people are going for, but also the deeper things like memory and creativity.

#1. Huperzine A – this is not to be trifled with as it is an extract of a plant and is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. This is fancy language for improving acetylcholine levels and thereby increasing memory and learning ability.

For many people who are trying to find a greater memory or simply stall the decline of their neurological connections, huperzine A is a great choice. The huperzine supplement is so effective that some people even use it as a basic treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

#2. Phosphatidylcholine –  don’t believe just because the name seems long and unnatural that this product is not from a natural source. The greatest source of phosphatidylcholine is from eggs and while this might not be a plant, it is better than the soy version that you can find in many products.

For many people, phosphatidylcholine can be helpful in order to improve levels of acetylcholine and thereby also improve memory. You can click here to learn more.

There are a ton of other supplements that you can use in order to improve your cognitive performance without going down the rabbit hole of unnatural synthetic drugs. While they are often harder to find research on if they don’t have a profit motive, at least make the attempt to try it for yourself and see what you can experience.

For many people who are utilizing these nootropics, it makes sense for you to improve mental performance in a natural way that is hopefully a lot safer than some of the other methods that you may have been exposed to in the past.