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Laughtrack is a committee of the University Activities Center (UAC) at the University of Michigan which specializes in bringing comedians to campus in large and small venues. We are committed to laughter at any cost. Our purpose is to bring acts to campus that are popular, engaging, and of course, humorous. As a reasonably new committee to UAC, Laughtrack has been extremely successful in bringing Americas's favorite comedians here to Ann Arbor. Looking towards the future we hope to continue bringing top performers to Hill Auditorium and other venues across Ann Arbor.
Committee Members
Committee Chair

Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson

Key Grip

Clayton Shaker
Clayton Shaker

Talent Scout

Jeffrey Wank
Jeffrey Wank

Upcoming Events
Lipsey and A$$holes
Featuring Peter Lipsey
December 4, 8pm U-Club in the Michigan Union
Tickets available at MUTO
Past Performers
Past Performers
Performers we have had or wish to have some day

Your Feedback
Any suggestions, criticisms, inquiries about perfroming, or would just like to join and help out, please write it in the box below and leave your e-mail address.

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