Welcome to GROOVE

GROOVE is a group of energetic musicians and artists drawn together for one reason... to have fun rocking the masses! This entertainment group performs using traditional and non-traditional instruments to blend comedy, energy, personality and choreography into performances on stage and on the street. From propane tank hang drums to tubular xylophones, the instruments are the most creative in town, constructed out of construction equipment, everyday knick knacks, and anything else you could think of. Known as the best kept secret on campus, Groove's here to change your life.


2014 Winter Show

So here's the deal. Thanksgiving is a week after this year's show and what better way to kickstart the holidays then enjoying your very own Groove at the Michigan Theatre?

Unless you're too busy breaking bread with indigenous populations, you have no reason to miss the best kept secret on campus, aka "Those Guys Who Bang on Trash Cans in the Diag". Come rock out with us on November 21st as we rewrite the meaning of yet another American tradition!

TICKETS: Purchase your tickets online at Ticketmaster, in the Angell Hall lobby November 17-November 20 from 10am-2:30pm, from any Groover anytime, or at the door the day of the show. $5 for students, $8 for adults.

Click here to buy tickets online! Facebook Event Page
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Mass Meeting & Auditions Fall 2014 NOW OVER

Welcome New Groovers!

Thank you to everyone who came to try out for Groove this year; the wealth of talent and personality we saw was nothing short of amazing, and now we are proud to welcome 8 new Groovers to the group! They all displayed an immense amount of potential, so we're very excited to see what the year will hold for us all, especially at our end-of-the-semester shows.

Congratulations to Jeremy, Hannah, Marc, David, Skylar, Daniel, Hy, and Tarini, who are all now a part of the Groove family! You guys embody and exemplify rocking out to the highest degree, evoking fantastical images of Groovers past and future joining through space-time to create an inter-dimensional stellar rhythm odyssey. Yeah. Get pumped.

Outreach and Guest Performances

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Groove is available to give your event that little extra umph that you've been looking for. We've played for other groups' shows, dance marathons, fashion shows, bar nights, birthday parties, parades, graduation ceremonies, tailgate events, and fundraising banquets.

We also want to share our music with younger generations, and we think that elementary and middle school students would enjoy learning about our unique and creative process. In past years we have done clinics and performances at nearby schools that showcase what we do and educate students on how to think about music in an inventive way.

If you work at a nearby school or are involved with youth outreach, we would love to visit and work with the students. Possible activities include performances by the Groove members, demonstrations on how we construct our instruments, and teaching the students a short song to perform with our instruments.

Contact Groove at groove.info@umich.edu if you are interested in setting up a guest performance or clinic with us!