Beating The Summer Heat In Phoenix

Beating The Summer Heat In Phoenix

When you are ready to beat the summer heat in Phoenix and have some fun outside with your kids, you need something to keep you cool and entertained. You can get water slide rentals to put up in your backyard, and your family will have a blast. You will stay cool even on the hottest days with water activities.

Use Fun Rentals For Great Summer Parties
When it gets hot, you might not feel enthusiastic about hosting a party. When you get a water slide rental, though, you can have all of your friends over and have a great time. The kids will enjoy cooling off on the water slide, and you will like that it makes the heat bearable. You can host a great party in the summer when you use the right activities.

Make Any Day More Fun With Water
If you don’t have a pool but want to have fun with water in your backyard, then you can get a water bounce house for even more fun than a pool. It will be great to cool off in the bounce house and have fun even as the sun beats down. You will turn your yard into an amusement park with a water bounce house.

Put On Any Kind Of Events With These Rentals
If you are going to host any kind of event or are helping your business or church do that, then you can use water slide rentals, dunk tank rentals, and more to make the events a success. Everyone will have fun when they get wet, and there will be something for everyone to do.

Don’t Worry About The Heat And Have More Fun
When you think about going outside in the summer, you might feel overwhelmed by the heat. But when you have some fun water activities to do outside, you will look forward to it. You will get more exercise and spend more time as a family when you have something fun to do outside.

When you need to make sure that everyone stays cool during the hottest time of the year in Phoenix, you will want to use water activities to do that. You will also want everyone to have fun when you host a party or event or when you are just with your family, and everyone will have fun with dunk tank rentals, water slide rentals and those kinds of water activities. Find out more information about renting a water slide here.

Tips to Plan School Events for Activity Directors.

Tips to Plan School Events for Activity Directors
Activity directions have the main responsibility for planning school events that are engaging, fun, and educational. School events are a difficult thing to plan because each school is different. In addition, all families are different and what works for one family may not work for another. Activity directors must plan events during school hours and after school hours to increase engagement with all stakeholders within the school. If you are an activity director or are involved with planning school events here are some tips that can help you make any event a huge success.

#1) Recruit Volunteers

One of the main things you can do to make events successful and to increase turnout is to recruit volunteers to help. Volunteers will reduce some of the responsibilities that you have as long as you are able to delegate properly.

If you use volunteers it is crucial that you have to-do lists ready to go for each volunteer. No volunteer wants to show up and wait for something to do. If parents or community members give up their time to help you make a school function a success you should not waste their time. Have a list of things that need to be done with a short description of how you would like it done. This allows you to maximize your time and get others involved in the school.

#2) Safety

Another thing that you must consider for all school events is the safety of all students and participants. You must collaborate with teachers, administration, and local authorities to help make your event successful. The amount of security that you will need depends greatly on the city you are in, the school you are hosting the event, and the ages of the children.

Safety should be your number one concern at all school events because this is the one thing that completely ruins your reputation, the school, and hurts students. You can ask volunteers to stay posted at exit doors or exit locations to help prevent outsiders from coming in. If people know the event is being chaperoned and looked after closely there will be less chance of danger.

#3) Collaborate With Other Activities Directors

There is no reason to work harder than you have too. No one person can come up with every great idea in the world. To help increase your success as an activities director and the success of your school you should collaborate with other activities directors. You can both share ideas for upcoming events and help each other plan current events. Having someone to bounce ideas off of can help both of you be more successful.

#4) Know All Legal Obligations

If you are an activities director there are some legal responsibilities and legal obligations that you must know and fully understand before taking the job. For instance, if you are a high school activities director and you are responsible for planning boys and girls sports events you need to know the restrictions about locker room safety, sharing buses, and even after school picks up laws.

If you are an elementary school activities director you also have some similar law obligations that you must follow. If a student does not get picked up when an event is over you must know the exact procedure for how to deal with that situation. Giving the wrong information to a student, parent, or teacher and have serious consequences. If you are unsure about your local laws be sure to ask your administrator for clear directions.

#5) Think Outside The Box

There is no reason that you have to do things the same exact way that they have been done in the past. If you can think outside the box children, parents, teachers, and community stakeholders will all have much more fun. If there is a new and popular theme for the year you should try to incorporate that into a school function. You can also ask your volunteers to help come up with some great ideas to help. Call NM Party Rentals for help with your event.

#6) Fundraisers

Fundraisers are a great way to get people involved and to raise money. If you are able to raise the money you can host more events. The more events that you are able to host at the school the more successful you will be at your job. If you can get the community involved in one event that is successful they will be more likely to donate and come back again. Using fundraisers to help get food, drinks, and added fun at school functions will surely help to increase participation.

Hosting school events and activities is a difficult task but if you are dedicated and determined to make it successful you will do great. These six tips can help make any school activity a success for all people who are involved.

How to Build Credit

Building credit from scratch may seem like a daunting task. However, this does not have to be a difficult task. The good news is that there are several things that you can do in order to build your credit.

Check Your Credit

Before you start working on your credit, you will need to take a look at your credit report. Make sure that everything on your credit report is correct. It is estimated that 25 percent of credit reports have errors on them.

Get a Secured Credit Card

One of the best things that you can do to build credit from scratch is to get a secured credit card. A secured credit card is one that is backed by the cash that you deposit on it. Your credit limit will typically be whatever the deposit is. For example, if you make a $500 deposit, then you will be able to get a $500 limit.

A secured credit card will work just like a regular credit card. However, these credit cards are not designed to be used forever. The goal should be to build your credit up enough to get an unsecured credit card.

Never Miss a Payment

It is estimated that 35 percent of your credit score is determined by your payment history. If you make payments on time, then your credit score will go up. One of the best things that you can do to make sure that all of your payments are made on time is to put them on autopay.

Build a Safety Net

An unexpected expense can ruin your credit. If something comes up unexpectedly, then you may have to max out your card. Maxing out your credit card can cause your credit score to drop by several points. That is why it is important for you to budget and build a safety net.

Get a Credit Builder Loan

A credit builder loan is a loan that is designed to help you boost your credit. You will pay a lender every month, and they will keep the money in a savings account. After you have made all of the required payments, the loans will be yours. Community banks and credit unions are the main ones that offer credit builder loans.

Use a Cosigner

You may have a harder time getting a loan if you do not have an established credit history. However, it will be a lot easier if you get a cosigner. The cosigner will be responsible for paying for the loan if you are unable to.

Get Credit for the Bills You Pay

Paying off your debts is not the only thing that you can do to improve your credit. You can improve your credit by paying your household bills. There are rent reporting services. Renttrack and Rental Kharma are companies that report your payments to the major credit bureaus.

You can also use Experian Boost. You can connect your bank accounts to your Experian account. Experian will report your phone and utility payments.

Keep Your Credit Utilization Low

Your credit utilization is the percentage of credit that you have used. For example, if you have a $3,000 credit limit and $1,000 balance, then your credit utilization is 30 percent. Experts recommend that you keep your credit utilization below 30 percent. If your credit utilization is low, then it shows that you are using your credit cards responsibly.

Constantly Monitor Your Credit

It is estimated that 66 percent of adults have not checked their credit report within the last year. It is a good idea to monitor your credit so that you can see how much it has improved.

What’s going through your head while you’re driving?

There is a lot going on when you’re driving:  keeping track of your car, others’ cars, pedestrians, motorcycles, remembering your directions and turn signals, listening to your favorite music.  It is easy to understand why there are a lot of car accidents.

How does your mind keep from getting overwhelmed when it has so much information coming at it when you’re driving?

A new study has reported that the brain is actually quite selective about what it processes while you are behind the driver’s wheel.  We have all had instances where we had near-miss accidents and are astonished at why we did not see the obstacle clearly until we almost hit it.  The brain is actually seeing the obstacle, but then the brain quickly forgets that it was there at all.

This type of traffic accident reports for a lot of accidents, and a lot of these accidents involve motorcyclists.  It is something that our brains do without our consent.  If we were able to control this, we surely would choose to!  Unfortunately, it is due to the fact that our brains are taking in so much information at once that it has to leave space for other sensory information, and that leads to forgetting we saw it.

Sensory input is information that is coming from your environment involving the senses.  Sensory input can be visual, audible, tactile, aromatic, and tasted.  When your brain is trying to process sensory input, it means that it is really working hard to dissect the information and then decide what to do with the information.  Especially while driving, our brains are receiving, downloading, and adjusting to a huge amount of information at one time.  What is more astounding is that after receiving all this information, the brain has to decide what to do with our bodies, and how to move our bodies, to react to the information it just received.

It is a little wonder, then, that we have so many traffic accidents.  It’s a familiar scene to have a driver who hit an obstacle say they did not even see it coming.  Unfortunately, now we know, that the brain did see it coming, but was powerless to do anything about it at that time.  Now that we know this happens, a few techniques have been thought of that can reduce the chances of this happening to you.

Some of these techniques mean that you use more than one sensory input to help your brain remember it.

This means switching between types of sensory input to help your brain remember what is going on.  So, for instance, if you see a visual input, if you can add in another type of input like audio, then you are more likely to remember what you saw with your visual system.  This is the same reason that people who study for tests find it helpful to write down what they hear.  Writing things down takes it into another sensory input system, the tactile system.

Summer Event? Beat the heat with Inflatable Water Slides

Why Inflatables Are Perfect For Your Summer Event

Inflatables Are Perfect For Your Summer Event!
Inflatables are a fantastic way to keep children occupied during summer events. This goes for a wide variety of events. Kids enjoy all of the entertainment options and adults love the opportunity to mingle and now worry about bored children.

What Kind Of Events Are Best For Inflatables?

  • Birthday Parties
  • Graduation Parties
  • Retirement Parties
  • Family Reunions
  • Corporate/Company Picnics
  • Church Field Days / VBS
  • End of Year or Beginning of Year PTO Events
  • Park District Family Events

These are all great events to provide inflatables for kids. When it comes to inflatables there are more than just bounce houses for party rentals. Water slide rentals and dunk tank rentals are also big crowd-pleasers for bigger events. These rentals can even be turned into money raising options for organizations such as PTO parties, Church Field Days or Park District events.
water slide rental
Wondering How Water Slide Rentals and Dunk Tank Rentals Can Bring In Funds?
Non-profits such as PTO groups often rely on fundraisers to help raise money for children or teachers in each school. Dunk Tanks are popular ways for them to raise money for extraordinary causes.

Often times the PTO will sell tickets for $.50-$1.00 and the ticket gives the students or parents an opportunity to dunk a teacher or principal. The same is true for church organizations looking to raise money for missionaries only it is often the priest or pastor in the dunk tank. Communities will host family days and incorporate these kinds of fundraisers to often raise funds for new community items or local food pantries.
dunk tank rental
Get Out And Have Some Fun
Aside from using party rentals to help raise money for causes inflatable water slides and bounce houses are ideal for fun summer parties. They are great for block parties, birthday parties and graduation parties to keep children entertained. Water slides are a huge hit when the temperatures sore. Even the adults enjoy taking turns on larger water slides.

There is no reason to have a boring backyard party. When you can call your local trusted inflatable and party rental company to reserve your summer fun.

When you order these party inflatables there are a few things to expect:

  • A deposit to secure your rental is customary
  • Some rental places charge additional delivery fees
  • When renting anything the renter is liable for damages caused
  • The rental is for a certain day and time frame only

Understanding these common practices with most rental places will help you secure your rental in a timely manner. As soon as you know of the date of the event you should reserve your inflatable.

Plants Have the Power to Save Our Brains

Most of human history has been focused on using our environment and creating tools that can allow us to survive. When it comes to our health and harnessing our environment for mental purposes, this has been no different. For many people who are using nootropics and cognitive enhancing substances, it is useful to consider how often plants have a role to play.

For most people, plants are one of the most important tools that we can use in order to improve our general abilities and definitely our cognitive markers. Finally, there are studies that show just how effective things can be for us if we use plants to achieve our goals.

Plant Based Nootropics (2 You Can’t Miss)

When it comes to nootropics based on plants, there are a lot of different options that we can choose from. There are plenty that are really effective for improving not just the standard stimulation that most people are going for, but also the deeper things like memory and creativity.

#1. Huperzine A – this is not to be trifled with as it is an extract of a plant and is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. This is fancy language for improving acetylcholine levels and thereby increasing memory and learning ability.

For many people who are trying to find a greater memory or simply stall the decline of their neurological connections, huperzine A is a great choice. The huperzine supplement is so effective that some people even use it as a basic treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

#2. Phosphatidylcholine –  don’t believe just because the name seems long and unnatural that this product is not from a natural source. The greatest source of phosphatidylcholine is from eggs and while this might not be a plant, it is better than the soy version that you can find in many products.

For many people, phosphatidylcholine can be helpful in order to improve levels of acetylcholine and thereby also improve memory. You can click here to learn more.

There are a ton of other supplements that you can use in order to improve your cognitive performance without going down the rabbit hole of unnatural synthetic drugs. While they are often harder to find research on if they don’t have a profit motive, at least make the attempt to try it for yourself and see what you can experience.

For many people who are utilizing these nootropics, it makes sense for you to improve mental performance in a natural way that is hopefully a lot safer than some of the other methods that you may have been exposed to in the past.

Top Nutrient Deficiencies


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Nutrition and health are two matters that are virtually inseparable. Not having the amount of vitamins and nutrients in one’s system can lead to serious diseases and health conditions with long-term ramifications. Of course, there are still a lot of people who do not understand how these things work.

This article seeks to clear things up by presenting readers with the most common nutrient deficiencies today. It gives particular attention to the Choline, Magnesium, and Vitamin D deficiency. It delves into how these could potentially impact one’s brain and overall well-being.


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Choline Deficiency

Choline is widely considered to be an essential macronutrient that plays a vital role in the everyday functions of the brain. It is primarily responsible for the brain’s elasticity and its ability to quickly respond to various stimuli.

Of course, it should be stated here that the medical community is still divided on the issue of just how much Choline should be consumed on a daily basis. Establishing a baseline has been proven to be especially difficult considering that the Choline needs of a person may sometimes vary.

However, this does not mean to say that the signs of choline deficiency are unclear. On the contrary, the symptoms of the condition itself have been well-established. In fact, numerous studies have also shown how Choline deficiency can increase one’s chances of developing dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other conditions related to cognitive decline.

If you are curious about Choline deficiency, here are a couple of the signs that you need to look out for:

  • Memory loss
  • Low Energy Levels
  • Fatigue
  • Nerve Damage
  • Cognitive Decline
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Muscle Aches
  • Mood Swings

Considering the specific role that Choline plays in the body’s chemistry, it is wholly unsurprising that a shortage of the said chemical manifests itself in the ways presented above. After all, this particular nutrient is vital in terms of nerve signaling and neurotransmitter maintenance.


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Magnesium Deficiency

It may come as a surprise to most that Magnesium is actually an extremely important nutrient in terms of one’s brain health. This is because it plays a major role in regulating the brain’s Cortisol level through the transport of protein p-glucoprotein. The Magnesium ions also help regulate the production of neuronal nitric oxide.

Take note that all of these chemicals contribute, in one way or another, to a person’s stress levels. There are even studies that show the correlation between depression and magnesium deficiency. Not getting enough Magnesium could easily lead to neuronal damage, which could ultimately manifest as depression.

There have been studies that show how the increased intake of 125–300 mg of magnesium can have an overwhelmingly positive effect on a person’s mental health. For instance, by taking Magnesium supplements, depression patients have shown signs of recovery in a period of less than 7 days. The same study also shows the positive effects of this supplementation regimen for treating anxiety, traumatic brain injury, migraines, suicidal thoughts, insomnia and postpartum depression. In addition to that, it has helped patients get over their cocaine, alcohol, and tobacco addiction.

Needless to say, they have found that there is a strong chance that magnesium deficiency contributes largely to a wide array of mental health and brain related conditions. Other studies have also shown that it can help in terms of treating migraine headaches as well as cognitive decline.

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Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D is perhaps most known as a crucial element to healthy bones. However, recent developments in the scientific community have shown that it is much more than that. Scientists have found that Vitamin D also plays a crucial role in the workings of the brain. This is because vitamin D receptors have been found scattered throughout the entire central nervous system and the hippocampus region of the brain.

There have been a number of studies which show how vitamin D helps control the enzymes in the brain which are most involved in the process of nerve growth. This is in addition to its purported importance in terms of protecting neurons and reducing inflammation.

These same studies show that low levels of vitamin D can be closely associated with cognitive impairment. This makes the vitamin all the more interesting for scientists, as cognitive impairment is a major symptom for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.



How Sleep Benefits Cognition

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In the US alone, there are around 50 to 70 million individuals suffering from sleep disorders. 37.9% have unintentionally fallen asleep at least once in a month. It has also been reported that there are 4.7% cases of people who even slept while driving.

Insomnia in the US is the most common type of sleeping disorder.  This is a serious problem since sleep is a basic physiologic requirement of the body. Sleep is a necessity in order to help the body repair cells. In fact, sleep can also help improve cognition.

How exactly does sleep help individuals improve their overall brain functions including their cognitive functions?

Easier to process information

It is suggested by experts that you can make better decisions when you have slept well. In fact, you can never expect yourself to make the right decision when your mind is stressed and tired.

The brain can process information easier when you have slept well. Keep in mind that stimuli that your brain picks up ranges from auditory to visual to neurosensory. Once the brain is tired, it just can’t process everything all at once. Sleep is responsible for making an archive of these experiences.

Improvement of memory

What we don’t notice is that the mind is still busy even if you are sleeping. According to studies, sleeping improves consolidation of memories. This means that if you are going to learn something new, you can strengthen it by practice. According to studies, you will be able to further improve your learning and once you sleep.

One chemical that is produced during sleep is acetylcholine. This is involved during sleep and when you are dreaming. This is a chemical believed by experts that is responsible for creating memory.

One condition that affects a person’s memory is Alzheimer’s disease. According to some studies, it is possible to reduce the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease just by sleeping. And also, it is worth mentioning that acetylcholine is destroyed when a person starts developing Alzheimer’s disease.

But of course, there is always that possibility of preventing Alzheimer’s disease merely by sleeping. Once you sleep, the lymphatic system gets rid of the brain’s toxins. One protein that has been recycled during sleep is responsible for developing amyloid plaque which is a hallmark in brains of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.

Improved attention

It has been established that sleeping can also help boost attention. It can even help keep you safe. In fact, it has been established that missing a couple of hours of sleep can already double your risk of car crash. In a research made by AAA foundation, missing one or two hours of sleep from the recommended 7 hours of sleep can already double the risk being involved in a car accident.

That is something that you should consider closely. Driving while sleep deprived even for just a couple of hours is just as dangerous as drunk driving. This is a study done on 7,234 drivers who were involved in 4,571 car accidents.

According to studies, chronic sleep deprivation can damage the neurons that are important for alertness and cognition. In fact, the damage can be permanent. It is also discovered that short sleep can result in brain shrinkage. It is believed that there are chemicals that are secreted in the brain during deep sleep that can help in the repair of the brain and even the rest of the body.

Improve Creativity

Another improvement that you will notice when you have enough sleep is your creativity. Sleep can help facilitate behavior and flexible reasoning. In a study, conducted on individuals woken from REM sleep, respondents had a 32% advantage on an anagram task. It also shows that there is a difference in the problem-solving mechanism when an individual just woke up from REM sleep. There is also a separate study wherein participants who went 32 hours without any sleep had a problem solving figural and verbal tests.

Getting enough sleep is a must. Not only it is a good idea to relax, it has also been proven that sleep can help individuals become healthier. Unfortunately, there are many reasons for a person to not have enough sleep. From the distractions that they usually get from gadgets that they bring to their bed to the stress that they are exposed to, these are just some common reasons why someone lacks sleep.

By making sure that you prioritize sleep, you will be surprised how you well can function the next day. You will also be surprised how more productive you could potentially become.